1. What's this website for?

    This is the official Taylor Swift Fan Club website of this facebook page:

    https://www.facebook.com/WearetheSwifterssince2006" target="_blank">www.facebook.com/WearetheSwifterssince2006

    This website is for our likers to communicate more in the forums and enjoy our facebook page more! :)

  2. Is this any way affiliated with Taylor Swift?

    No, this is just a fan page. But we hope you enjoy it all the same!

  3. How do I join the Admin Contest?

    Well, first sign up as a member, fill in the form and like our Facebook Page, or your entry won't be counted in. We will choose 1 per month to be a trial admin of the facebook page/this webpage (it depends). If we like you, we will add you as permanent admins! 

  4. Why are the ads here?

    As you know, we are a fan group. To make the ads disappear, we'll have to pay for a premium package, and we don't have the resources right now. So we're sorry--but please bear with it! We're sorry!

  5. I want to join you guys! How?

    1. Sign up at the website and confirm your account


    2. Fill in the form at "admin conttest"


    3. I'll add you as admin!


    *Remember to post photos:)*

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